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Watermelon AAAA+ ( Top Shelf )

Watermelon AAAA+ ( Top Shelf )

1 Ounce

7g : $60 ______ 14g : $85

Watermelon is a thing of beauty. Her gorgeous purple colas are enough to tempt many growers into giving her a go, and that’s before they even discover her THC content of 27% and moreish fruity terpenes. Our breeders harnessed the genetics of Watermelon OG S1 to create this sugary-sweet variety. This strain produces a thick, dense canopy with an abundance of bud sites, and peaks at a height of 200cm outdoors. Make sure you have enough stash jars to house a yield of 450–500g/m² from indoor plants, and up to 500g/plant from their outdoor counterparts.

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