Rotten Runtz ( AAA )

Rotten Runtz ( AAA )

1 Ounce

14g : $65

The Rotten Runtz Strain is a 60% indica 40% sativa cross. It’s a hybrid that’s largely based on Chemdawg-4, with Pakistani Kush and Lemon Thai genetics added in. The scent of the Rotten Runtz Strain is extremely strong and dank, with a citrus and lemony undertone. Earthy, musky notes provide it depth.

The indica-dominant Rotten Runtz strain is a good example of the best of both worlds. Its THC level is rather high, with an average range of 17-22 percent.

The ‘Rotten Runtz Strain’ has a strong initial high that lasts for just a few minutes. You could get a head-high that begins strongly. Users report feeling a clear and focused head high that enables them to see things more clearly and be more productive. Rotten Runtz Strain’s more physically soothing effects become more obvious with time.