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Do-Si-Do AAAA+  ( Top Shelf )

Do-Si-Do AAAA+ ( Top Shelf )


7g:$70 _____ 14g :$110

Combining the infamous Girl Scout Cookies with the face-melting OG phenotype Face Off OGbrings us one seriously potent Indica-heavy hybrid of epic and award-winning stature.

With THC levels ranging from 19% to a blistering 30% content, Do-si-Dos Feminized is a sure-fire shot to the face capable of creating an uplifting cerebral sensation while soothing the body into complete and total relaxation.

A uniquely sociable strain, given the supremely chilled vibes this stuff puts out, the relaxation influence never borders on incapacitating, and you’ll find this hybrid a perfect pot partner for a range of activities - from chatting to music appreciation, introspective thoughts, Netflix binges and even ***.

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