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Citrus Skunk AAA+

Citrus Skunk AAA+

0.5 Ounces

14g: $80

Product description

Citrus Skunk is a high-THC, terpene-rich sativa

with delicious tropical fruit flavours and aromas.

The sensory experience when consuming this

aromatic, skunky, highly potent sativa kicks off

with a bright splash of citrusy/sour limonene

sunshine on inhale, subtly followed by the

sweet, musky myrcene undertone of a fully

ripened mango on exhale. Citrus Skunk's sativa-

typical effects come on quickly and powerfully.

Citrus Skunk exemplifies GreenSeal's

commitment to the highest level of cannabis

quality, with flowers displaying lime green,

tightly knit, trichome-covered calyxes

intertwined with fiery tendrils of bright orange

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