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Area 41 AAAA+ ( Top Shelf )

Area 41 AAAA+ ( Top Shelf )

1 Ounce

7g : $75 _______ 14g : $100

As mentioned, Area 41 is made by crossing Gelato #41 and Lemon Fuel OG. Respect My Region has covered the Gelato strain in-depth here. Typically, most of the Gelato strains produce higher than average THC levels, ranging anywhere from 24 to 30%. Respectively, Gelato #41 is well known by consumers for its potentially relaxing, potent effects.

Conversely, Lemon Fuel OG reportedly yields a potentially more focused-head high. As a result, consumers like to say that Alien Lab’s Area 41 strain perfectly couples the potent THC levels of Gelato #41 with the potential cerebral energy and stimulation from Lemon Fuel OG.

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