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Monaca Octane  31%THC

Monaca Octane 31%THC

1 Ounce

14g :$90

Monaco Octane was pheno-hunted in the

Distinkt facility. We had many winners which

made it difficult to come to a unanimous

decision. This sweet gasoline phenotype hits

home from a potency standpoint. What makes

Monaco Octane so special is that it comes in

between 3.4-4.5% terpenes. This really is a

sophisticated pheno. We take great pride in

letting the flower express the correct timeline

and we dial in the nutrients to what best

satisfies each and every cultivar. We hang dry

whole plants for roughly 12 days and cure our

cannabis for 21 days. We only hand trim our

flowers delivering a best in class type of

experience. We never irradiate or e-beam our

flower. We stand behind our post harvest

processes delivering a very special product to

the consumer.

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